Thank you for your interest in volunteering with GRIP! The link below includes volunteer opportunities in a variety of areas. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more details about any of these opportunities, or if there are additional ways you would like to use your time and talents
to serve GRIP we would love to help you get plugged in!

Help us continue to invest in the lives of Chicago youth by signing up to volunteer below.

See various volunteer opportunities below.

Volunteer Needs

Youth Mentorship
Position Description Hours/Week
SLAM Mentor Build mentor relationship with youth during the week and participate in SLAM program activities on Monday night.

Mondays: 6-9:30pm

1-3 hours outside the Program

GRIP The School Mentor Build relationships with youth inside of Chicago Public Schools, while helping in the areas of greatest need.

Weekdays: 8am-3:30pm

Open-ended hours/week during school and after-school hours

SLAM Support
Position Description Hours/Week
SLAM Admin Team Check youth in, check coats/bags, keep score, and assist with other administrative needs at SLAM.

Mondays: 6-9:30pm

SLAM Referee and Security Oversee and manage games, assist in security presence during SLAM. Mondays: 6-9:30pm
GRIP The School Volunteer Opportunities
Position Description Hours/Week
Teacher Aides

Various days and times

Administrative Support Various days and times
Morning Greeters 7:15-8am at Al Raby; 8:15-9am at Wells
Bible Studies/Prayer Meetings Various days and times
Clubs (Anime, Art, Cooking, Photography, etc.) Various days and times
Creative Arts (Theater, Dance, Music, Poetry) Various days and times
Career Speakers Various days and times
Gardening Various days and times
Security Various days and times
Sports Various days and times
Technical & Creative Arts
Position Description Hours/Week
SLAM Technical Team Member Set up, take down and run sound equipment, music and videos.

Mondays: 6-9:30pm

SLAM Photographer Take pictures during SLAM and edit as necessary. Mondays: 6-9:30pm

Additional time for editing

SLAM Videographer Film during SLAM and provide editing for highlight videos.

Mondays: 6-9:30pm

Additional time for editing

SLAM Drama Team Member Assist (from inception to execution) in short dramas to communicate biblical truths. Mondays: 6-9:30pm
Graphic Designer Assist communications team on creative design projects.

2-5 hours per week on a project basis

Web Developer Help build an online interactive template for our newsletter. Case-by-case basis
Videographer Shoot and edit professional looking videos to communicate GRIP messaging. Includings documentaries, program reels, and testimonies. Case-by-case basis
Photographer Shoot and edit professional looking photos to communicate GRIP messaging. Case-by-case basis
Professional & Office Support
Position Description Hours/Week
Attorney Pro bono services to take the cases of youth that find themselves in need of legal help.

Case-by-case basis

Grant Writer Research and write grants to private foundations, corporations, and government. 3-5 hours per week on project basis
Newsletter Mailings Stuff, label, and seal GRIP’s newsletters. A great small group opportunity!

3-4 hours per quarter

Office Cleaning/Maintenance Basic cleaning of office space. 2-3 hours per visit
Cleaning & work groups for local churches and schools Opportunity to serve local churches and schools with cleaning and/or work projects.

2-3 hours per visit

Position Description Hours/Week
GRIP Prayer Partner Click here to sign-up to receive weekly emails of praise and prayer requests for the ministry, committed to regularly praying for youth, staff, partners, etc.