A staggering 45 million Americans, many of whom are teens and young adults cannot read past a fourth-grade level. This means that they cannot internalize the Bible for themselves. As a result, Streetlights was created as the world’s first urban multimedia Bible–containing
integrated audio, video and curriculum.

Streetlights combines word-for-word Scripture in the New Living Translation (NLT) with a dynamic hip-hop score influenced by the cultures of the inner city. By weaving together creative audio and video with an engaging and relevant curriculum, Streetlights is orchestrated to bring the Word of God to life for urban youth, and ultimately, usher them into their own personal study of the Scriptures. Streetlights is a vital resource for leaders to use when walking Life-on-Life with young people
in the local church, home, or school.

To date, we have unveiled two Streetlights volumes, Volume 1: Divine DVA and Volume 2: The Blueprint, which are being used by youth organizations such as Young Life and Youth For Christ. In fact, Youth For Christ has implemented Streetlights in their juvenile detention
centers–impacting the lives of the thousands of at-risk youth they serve.

We have also released audio of the entire New Testament!

All of these are being downloaded and implemented
across the nation and in 85 countries worldwide!





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