Wake-Up Call: Alexis & Iris

Growing up without her father in the home, Iris has the odds stacked against her. In fact, 71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes. By God’s grace, Iris is being raised by her mother and grandmother, but she still misses sitting down to dinner with both her father and mother to talk about her day, or how school is going. In the midst of this challenge, Iris is grateful to have met her GRIP mentor, Alexis, 2 years ago, and Iris is on a path to overcoming the odds.

“I see Ms. Alexis as a good friend. Anything I want to talk about, I can always call her or come visit at any time,” shares Iris.

And, this is no exaggeration. Alexis remembers, “When she would text me late at night with frustrations or problems she was having at school or at home, I knew our friendship was going deeper and turning into a Life-on-Life relationship.”

There was even a season last year when Iris’ grade in her first period class was declining because she kept oversleeping. So, Alexis started serving as her wake-up call, “I would call her early in the morning to make sure she was up and getting on the bus in time for class.” Alexis celebrates, “Now she’s improved her grade and gets to class on time without me calling her!”

Iris is grateful for the enormous impact Alexis has had on her life, “At one point I was scared to talk about God or hang with new people, but now all of that has changed. Alexis has taught me that there’s more to life than trying to fitt in or be something that I’m not.”

As a sophomore in high school with dreams of college, Iris is on her way to being an anomaly—among the small minority of youth who come from a fatherless home and don’t dropout of high school. Even more than that, the hopes Alexis has for Iris go straight to the heart. “I hope that I can be there for her graduation and help send her to to college. Most importantly, I hope that Iris sees herself as a daughter of God, and calls Jesus her personal Lord and Savior,” Alexis shares.

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