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Support Rosalie – 2019 Chicago Marathon, October 13th

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Rosalie currently lives in the Hyde Park Neighborhood and attends Church of the Beloved South Loop. This year, she will be training for various races, culminating at the Chicago Marathon in October. As a GRIP mentor since October 2016, she yearns for all Chicago youth to know what they are capable of and how much they can contribute to make this city better. Despite her students having witnessed many setbacks, including the deaths of close friends and family, Rosalie has also seen a resilience in them to continue seeking goals like finding an after-school job or applying to a summer college-prep program. She is honored to run on behalf of her amazing students and to share about GRIP’s potential to change the lives of our next generation!

Rosalie shares, “Being a part of GRIP has been the most challenging but most purposeful thing I’ve been a part of since moving to Chicago. When I see the brokenness in this city, my immediate reaction is to turn away and dismiss any of my responsibilities. GRIP has taught me to face the problem, to rely on Jesus for the hope I do not have, and to find joy in serving.”

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