Life-on-Life Stories: A Second Chance – Luther & Ross

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As a 25 year old who grew up fatherless on the South Side of Chicago, Luther joined a gang at a young age. His family was convinced he was going to end up in prison, or even worse–dead.

Luther & Ross (1 of 2)


One night I got beat up real bad and ended up in the hospital.” – Luther

Luther knew that God was giving him a second chance after he recovered from being in a coma for 8-months. Shortly after his recovery, he began to follow Jesus, but there was only one problem–he couldn’t comprehend Scripture. Like many of our youth at GRIP, he struggles with reading comprehension. “I knew that I needed to read the Word [of God] but I ran away from the Word because I couldn’t comprehend it,” Luther says.

Not long after Luther began following Jesus, he met Ross–a GRIP volunteer–and was introduced to Streetlights. “It was like a hunger for the Word of God became evident in his life, and now he’s listening to Streetlights all the time,” says Ross.


Luther and Ross studying Scripture through Streetlights

Luther found himself fully engaged in Streetlights, pausing and reflecting, writing notes, and discussing with Ross along the way, which has led to a deep Life-on-Life relationship. “My role [with Luther] has been ‘together let’s get to know God,’” Ross remarks.

“Never in my life have I felt more consistently like God is talking to me as I do when I’m listening to Streetlights,” Luther shares.

Luther and Ross are just two Streetlights users among thousands who are anxiously awaiting more books to be recorded and made available. Currently 14 of 27 books of the New Testament are available for free. GRIP’s goal is to complete the entire New Testament by the end of 2016, but we need your prayer and financial support. You can give to Streetlights by clicking here and type “Streetlights” in the note line.

Learn more about Luther’s story by watching the video below:

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