Shamrock Shuffle

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Support Justin – 2019 Shamrock Shuffle, March 24th

Fundraising Goal: $3,000

Funds raised so far: $8,822

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Justin is a passionate volunteer mentor who has been walking life with his students for the last 5 years. To him, they’re no longer mentees or friends, they’re his Chicago brothers. He’s excited to run the Shamrock Shuffle because GRIP has been a big part of fostering the relationships he’s built with his students.

Justin shares, “I want to help empower GRIP to extend its reach to more of Chicago’s urban youth to end the fatherless cycle and help them experience a personal relationship with God.

Learn more about his mentees below:

  • David is 18 years old, and has ambitions to go to college and study business. David is highly motivated and we often spend time applying to colleges or scholarships to help him achieve his goals, and we also enjoy watching various TV shows together.
  • Jaden is 18 years old, and wants to create his own film company. Jaden and I regularly spend time working on his films and documentaries to try and make the creative visions he has become a reality.
  • Justin is 18 years old, and is interested in psychology. Justin and I both love basketball so we regularly find ourselves playing out on the basketball court, watching NBA together, and playing NBA 2k.
  • Niguel is 18 years old, and has a passion in art and animation. Niguel and I bond over a mutual interest in music and enjoy sharing new artists with each other and going to concerts together.


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