Impact Chicago Public Schools

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 1.24.12 PMThe need for churches to step up to serve Chicago Public Schools is urgent.  Chicago Public Schools continue to face financial crises with the latest budget cut announced on Monday, February 6th.

GRIP The School recruits volunteers and trains local churches how to serve schools on a practical level in order to build Life-on-Life relationships with youth while impacting the entire school culture.

At no cost to the school, local churches can serve schools by supplying teacher aides, after school programs, administrative support, additional security and creative arts opportunities.

Churches are filled with people, and people are what our schools need, as funds continue to be cut. Click here for an example of how this month’s $46 million dollar budget cut has affected each Chicago Public School.

If you are a local church or a Christian concerned about how to practically step up, please click here contact us.

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