Imagining The Future: Tyler & Angel

Life-on-Life with youth requires hope— imagining a future that is not yet realized, and painting a picture for our teens that they may have difficulty seeing otherwise. This is the very challenge that GRIP mentor, Tyler, was faced with when he met Angel at SLAM.

When Angel found his way through the doors of our SLAM outreach program, he was a volunteer mentor’s dream teen. Being one of the most outgoing and friendly 18 year-old students you’ll ever meet, his mentor, Tyler, now admits that it was a bit overwhelming at first. But behind the smiles and energy, Angel remembers that before he met Tyler he would often lose hope. He says, “Before I met Tyler I wasn’t sure if I could ever be anything in life.”

As Angel and Tyler spent more time together in each other’s homes, going out for ice cream, grocery shopping, or just playing basketball at the park together, Angel quickly started to see Tyler as a mentor and friend. “It was a big step when Angel called me often to hang out,” shares Tyler, “We both knew our relationship was going to be Life-on-Life.”

“It was a big step when Angel called me often to hang out.”

Angel and Tyler continued to grow deeper in their relationship when they realized they had a common a affection for music and technology. They started playing music together, which ignited Angel’s passion for music and inspired him to start thinking about college. Now, a year later we’re celebrating that Angel has been accepted to Taylor University on a full ride scholarship and in the fall will be pursuing his dream of studying communications!

Even more significant than pursuing his dreams, Angel sees the eternal impact that his mentor, Tyler, continues to have on his life. “Before I met Tyler I had a difficult time understanding the Word of God. Through our relationship, he has taught me how to be a man, and he makes the Word of God easier to understand. My faith in God has grown significantly through Tyler,” shares Angel.

“My faith in God has grown significantly through Tyler.”


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