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Peter and Juan

What does it take to change the course of a life? Juan, a 14 year old freshman at Chicago Public School, Phoenix Military Academy, wanted to  find out. Even more so, he wanted to see revival in his school—so he boldly took action.

Juan took the initiative and approached the school faculty with the desire to start a Christian club. He was quickly connected with Peter, a chemistry teacher at the school who supported Juan in his efforts. Though, it wasn’t long before Juan ran into barriers when inviting his classmates. “In today’s age, students are more keen to not want to hear the Word of God. They say ‘I want to do my own thing, and I don’t want anyone else controlling me.’ So the hardest thing was actually getting people to come,” Juan shares.

“There were some great times in the club where we felt God moving through us,” he said.

JUANHowever, Juan and Peter continued to meet and one-by-one students began attending the club, which presented the next challenge—bridging the gap between Scripture and the daily life of Juan’s peers. That all changed though, when Juan discovered and began to experience the audio, video, and curriculum of the Streetlights Urban Multimedia Bible. “Many of the students didn’t know how to connect to Scripture, but Streetlights would use pop culture references to help the individuals understand how [Scripture] connects to our world today. The Streetlights curriculum helped me lead the Christian club,” Juan reminisces.

“At that point, I saw certain students awaken to their own brokenness and sinfulness,” says Peter.

With Juan’s boldness, Peter’s support, and the Streetlights Urban Multimedia Bible, two students came to know Christ as their Savior through the Christian club! When Juan started this club 5 years ago he desired to see revival. Now, after graduating from high school, and seeing the renewed lives of these young men and women from the club, his dream may one day become a reality in this school. Also, with the release of the new Streetlights mobile app, Juan is listening to Scripture on-the-go, and Peter is looking forward to sharing it with the students who continue to attend the Christian club!

IMG_5648-edit The Streetlights Urban Multimedia Bible has produced two curriculum volumes to empower youth and young adults of all literacy levels to engage Scripture and grow in their relationship with God. With your financial support, we can create and distribute the third volume of curriculum, titled Faith Movement, covering Genesis 11-25 and the entire book of Acts, showing a young person what a walk of faith looks like in Abraham and what the community of faith looks like in the Church.

Become a part of this work to build more Life-on-Life relationships!

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