Advocating For Change: Anari & Sammie

When Anari first walked through the doors of SLAM as an energetic 13-year-old, little did she know that was where she would meet her GRIP mentor, Sammie. And God would then use Sammie to change the trajectory of Anari’s high-school career and potentially her entire life!

“I’m thankful for SLAM, because that’s how I met my mentor, Sammie,” shares Anari.

“I remember the first time she walked into SLAM, she was super excited to be here!” GRIP mentor, Sammie reminisces. “She loves the games, and she loves participating and asking questions. We started hanging out outside of SLAM too, which really grew our relationship.” Anari says, “When me and Sammie hang out we just like to talk about school, boys, the Bible and things that will help me in my life.”

Anari was an exceptional student, and she found herself not being challenged at her school and experienced relational crises with her peers. Sammie walked with her through these struggles, and after working with Anari’s mother and grandmother, Sammie got Anari transferred to a new school. She’s now provided with a healthier learning environment and a better future as she hopes to attend college and dreams of being business partners with Sammie one day!

Anari shares, “I appreciate Sammie because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be going to the school I go to now. If she wasn’t in my life, I would still be in a bad environment at school, and I wouldn’t have someone in my life to be there for me when my mom isn’t able to be available all the time. Sammie is like another mom to me! With my mom living so far away, she is also grateful for Sammie’s presence in my life.”

“I appreciate Sammie because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be going to the school I go to now.”

Anari and Sammie represent just one of over 114 Life-on-Life relationships taking place between our youth and volunteer mentors in SLAM! Support our youth below.

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