Bank of America Chicago Marathon


Application Deadline: Friday, April 9th, 2021

GRIP on NBC Chicago

Interested in running the 2021 Chicago Marathon?  You have the opportunity to multiply the impact of each stride by running with GRIP Outreach For Youth! With every step you take & every dollar you raise, you can help us do the important work of investing in the lives of Chicago’s youth.

Here are some ways you can be a part of Team GRIP and invest in Chicago youth:

1) Run With GRIP! We want you to put on your running shoes and train for the race you’ve always wanted to run – the 2021 Chicago Marathon. The GRIP Runners Club is an amazing team that trains together and spurs one another on to 26.2 miles! We’ll sign you up with CARA to ensure the best training and long distance preparation. What are you waiting for? Join the GRIP Runners Club!

2) Support a runner.  You don’t have to run to be a part of the team.  As runners sign up with the GRIP Runners Club, profiles will be listed on our site and you can sponsor those individuals. Feel free to check in weekly to see what new runners we have! See the runners below, and click to give to them.

3) Make a general donation. If you’re not sure which runner to support, simply make a general marathon donation to help transform lives through Life-on-Life relationships.


Application Deadline – Friday, April 9th, 2021

Marathon – Sunday, October 10th, 2021 – 8:00am


Charity Block Party

Adams St. & Laflin St.


Tyler Benware
Emily Brown
Jonathan Bryant
Evan Dinelli
Chun Chung Lo
Matthew McMahon
Kimberly Sam
Kevin Schmalandt
Elvin Velez

Apply today


Emily Alvarado Dohm
Melissa Andrews
Marcos Avila
Amy Betts
Amy Bezold
Nicole Brandt
Michael Bruns
Josh Burns
Emily Brown
Julia Butler
Joe Canady
Adam Chappell
Joy Chiang
Randy Cleveland
David Daniels
Mike Disher
Jason Fredstrom
Josh Heikkila
Lauren Jackson
Aadam Keeley
David Kelley
Justin Klinefelter
Chris Kojak
Esther Lee
Jeannie Letasz
Gary Leung
Susana Lopez
Sammie Muzikowski
Onajh Porter
Robyn Shapiro
Rosalie Shyu
Kaley Simon
Karen Steffans
Scott Rister
Andrew Robertson
Brooke Roskam
Christina Trina
Mario Vega
Elvin Velez
Josh Walberg
Jesse White
Karale Williams
Reimi Woo


If you’d like to support a runner, you can help us reach their goal by giving a donation of any size. Just click the the name of the runner you’d like to support, and then enter an amount to give.

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