2017 GRIP High School Graduates

It’s been amazing to take part in the high school graduations of many of our students this year! Through your partnership our mentors are walking Life-on-Life with students through high school and beyond. The students below as well as many others have been involved in our programs and are still in Life-on-Life relationships with their mentors.

Deonna Orr and Kelsey Kruzel

One of our gifted young ladies, Deonna, graduated from Chicago Quest High School this past year. With guidance from her GRIP mentor, Kelsey, she is excited to attend Eastern Illinois University in the fall and pursue a degree in Forensic Science!





ChrisChris is a young man who graduated from Al Raby High School this past year, and we can’t wait to see how he lives up to his potential as he attends University of Illinois in the fall. Pray that he would be surrounded by a strong community of people who love the Lord.







Mike Colemand and JavonJavon is a veteran in our SLAM program where he’s been a student for 4 years, so it’s exciting to see him graduate McKinley Lakeside Academy. Through a Life-on-Life relationship with his mentor, Mike, Javon made the decision to go into the workforce in Chicago this fall. Pray that he would get a good job and grow in his work ethic and experience.






Joe, Daequion, DonaldDaequion and Donald (left to right) graduated from Al Raby High School this year, and plan on going into the Navy. Pray that they would stay connected to their GRIP mentors through this transition.





VenitaVenita met her mentor, Chika, through our GRIP The School Initiative in Al Raby High School, where she graduated this year. Venita plans on attending Northeastern University Illinois in the fall and is seeking guidance from her mentor on what she should pursue.



Antuajn HatterAntuajn is one of our SLAM students who graduated from Chicago Quest High School this year. He just returned from a mission trip to Ethiopia where he was serving and teaching children. Pray for Antuajn as he makes decisions about his future.

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